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Life is More Than Academic Pursuits!
The drive to get ahead is heating-up with each passing day! It is no more landing a secured job even in Asian countries. The horizons have opened-up with endless possibilities! Borders do not matter anymore with talents with the dare flying the coop, seeking more fertile pastures. Multi-national corporations are after the best from anywhere!

With such abundance of opportunities, it is no wonder that the sights are set very high to grab the best. Academic achievements are the yard-sticks that give the initial break-through  amp; identity tags! They have become the be-all  amp; end-all for many to get to the pole-position! With such frenzy to grab the basics for a good  amp; successful life, the herd-mentality has developed at the cost of all other pursuits. The biggest casualty is loss of soul in conquering the world!
With endless tests to determine the progress  amp; with classes outside regular schools to act as a get-ahead tool, the lives of children are no more care-free! They are herded from one class to another with no respite! They end the race with few winners, most are square-pegs in round holes; real talents lie hidden! No one is prepared to bell the cat  amp; the rat race continues with increased velocity with each passing year.
The sustaining life-styles are decimated with family values in the back-burner. Money has become a tool to buy happiness when everything else is ditched. The all-out pursuit of wealth, with ensuing material possessions, sees no respite! The barometer of success is wealth  amp; nothing else coming even close or matters! Modern gadgets have got the young hooked-on to them across the world with social net-working sites the rage! The older generation is playing along as none wants to play spoil-sport; nothing succeeds like success! So far, the glitter of modern technology has carried the day!
But the price is already proving high with dysfunctional families becoming common even in societies that were held together by self-sacrifice for common good of society. Children may know the cost of everything but the value of nothing! The endless marketing gimmicks aimed at the most vulnerable in society, have made finances lop-sided with even loans sought  amp; easily given, to meet the assembly lines of new inventions that mostly do not add any real value to the lives other than catching the fancy.
There are no real substitutes for time spent in cultivating relationships. All others will also pass but only the human touch will endure. They have become a big casualty in a make-believe world with values of sustenance cast away as old-fashioned! Most are in pursuits to impress others who hardly matter in times of need.See more the other info of programming visit this website
Modern technologies  amp; gadgets are only tools  amp; not the panacea for society's well-being. Academic pursuits form only a part of the whole that matter for an enduring society; they may not gel in times of real need!